210 South 4th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(888) 627-1752


In 1752, Benjamin Franklin and his fellow firefighters founded The Philadelphia Contributionship, the longest tenured insurance company in the country.

TPC insure homes — where people put down their roots, where families are built, and futures take shape. Yet they don’t just insure dwellings; we protect the dreams of the people inside. The communities they comprise. The history that they make. For The Philadelphia Contributionship, it all comes back to roots. Theirs. Yours. And the future you seek to create and they seek to protect.

The Philadelphia Contributionship is a proud sponsor of Pizzadelphia III The Takeout Tour! During these unique times it’s important to support local businesses, including Philadelphia’s incredible Pizzerias.


Visit 1752.com to see some of our agents favorite Pizza restaurants. And while you’re there get a free home owners insurance quote in less than three minutes.

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