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3300 Fairmount,
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Tuesday through Friday

11am - 10pm

Saturday and Sunday

11am - 10pm

Benny Casanova's cooks up Square Pie and Arancini rice balls from our Philadelphia kitchen and delivers to your door. We're known for the crispy, crunchy crust of our pizza and amazing Sicilian-inspired Arancini fillings. Created by Top Chef Master Franklin Becker. Just like Momma made in Palermo!

As a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., pizza was one of the first foods I was intrigued by outside of my home. There was an amazing pizzeria in my neighborhood that introduced me to the square slice. The owner personally made every pie with the freshest ingredients he could find. I would watch him create these unique square pies. The result of his efforts was a light, yet crispy square pizza that melted in your mouth. The flavors of the whole milk mozzarella, Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese with plump San Marzano tomatoes and fresh picked basil exploded on the palate making you want to come back for more.

Every day after school when I would go to the pizzeria there would be lines down the block. I realized this was a place where I needed to work so I could learn how to replicate what I loved to eat.

Working at the pizzeria after school was the highlight of my day. I would talk to the old man about how he learned how to make such incredible pizza. He told me he grew up in Sicily in a town called Palermo and his grandmother gave him her secret recipe. Some years later, I was fortunate enough to be a part of what he called his family and he shared with me the secret of a great pizza.

As I became a chef years later, I always remembered what I had learned working for him. Never compromise quality and always make something memorable for people to enjoy. 

I proudly bring to you Benny Casanova’s square pies just like I had growing up in Brooklyn, a tribute to my mentor.

- Franklin Becker

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