PIZZA is the definition of simple. We make four menu items a day; Plain, Pepperoni, Tomato Pie, and a weekly Special, using as few ingredients as possible. Each pie is primarily sold by the slice with a few whole pies being made a day. It's our belief that a focus on quality ingredients, creativity, and a serious dedication to craftsmanship makes our pizza some of the best in Philadelphia.


Marcello Montagnaro - South Jersey native head pizzaiolo at Pizza Shackamaxon. Ex-Pizza Brainer and Pitruco pizza-man. He comes from an OG pizza family and has made pizzas since he was a young boy. Pizza has put Christmas presents under the tree his entire life. He owes everything to pizza. To Cello, simplicity is key and that has been his ethos through his tenure at Pizza Shackamaxon as well. Attention to detail, bread focus and classic flavor profiles is what makes them one of Philly's greats.

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