229 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA

My name is Angelo Pizza. I’m 23 years old, from Baltimore, Maryland’s Little Italy.

Yes, my real last name is Pizza. It always has been. My family believes that it may have initially been “Pisa” because that’s how we pronounce it, but for all of recorded history it's been spelled Pizza.

Being 100% Italian, I learned to make pizza at a young age. My grandfather on my mother’s side, Paulie Manna, started me off around three years old. He would pull a chair up to the stove so I could stand on it while we made his secret sauce, a favorite among many of his other recipes. Another recipe he perfected was his dough recipe. I would put it against anyone’s. Fittingly enough his last name “Manna” means “bread from heaven.” You know, real Old Testament shit.

Just before my 10th birthday, my grandfather became very sick and had been in the hospital for about 2 weeks. Hoping that he would be back in time for my birthday, I went ahead and made a bunch of dough so that we could make pizzas as soon as he got back. Sadly, he never made it back and passed the day after my birthday.

However, the spirit of his cooking has lived on in me ever since. During my teenage years, I worked in my Dad’s locally famous pizza shop, Angelo’s. My dad had made a huge name for himself in the pizza world of Baltimore and even used the dough recipe taught to him by my grandfather.


My dad’s pizza was not only famous for its incredible taste, it was even more famous because of its size. Angelo’s “Big Slice” measured 18”, the “Party Pie” measured 30”. At 14 years old, I was slinging 4 slice pies before 10am and business was booming. Every summer after I worked at my dad’s place. It was your classic neighborhood pizza shop with the slot machines in the corner and the same crew hanging outside smoking heaters from open to close. Unfortunately, in 2013 my dad closed up shop due to financial difficulties after being in business for 28 years.

These days, the only place you can get an Angelo’s Pizza is out of my home kitchen in Philly. I’ve been cooking up the same award winning pizza that my dad served for decades and, after some adjustment, these pizzas are spot f*cking on.

This pizza is made exactly the way the king of pizza would want it. It’s crisp, it’s flop free, it’s light on the grease, and the sauce has that tang that any great pizza needs.

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